History & Background

A very quick note:

Before deciding to skip over this part, I urge you to keep reading. This may tell you why I may or may not be a good fit for your needs.

Meet Karen Eckstrom

I’ve always had a passion to make a difference in the world… or at least a very small impact. I love creating and I really love putting custom processes into place. Processes are so important to every organization and business. It’s a well thought out strategy designed to function more efficiently and economically. While upfront effort might be greater, in the long run it will make a huge difference. 

So what qualifies me to do what I am doing? I have church office management  experience. I have a degree in Web Design & Multi-Media (MM means I can play in many different fields.) I’ve been doing Web design for 12+ years now. Most client resource me for a sounding board. I only work in the digital online realm, and I have worked in organizational management.

What I liked about the church realm? Every day was different and challenging and the people were diverse. What I disliked was the time it took to get a solid decision on an immediate need. In the end I guess what I am saying is that I understand how that works.

Help Keep Support Services Free

While my primary focus is on churches, my goal is to help those who are serving others to establish a solid digital presence. Whether it’s marketing material production, or website establishment (at cost), my goal is to keep this service free to those who cannot afford it.